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IOMC reviews Work done on Nano under the SAICM Global Plan of Action

In September 2012 the United Nations’ (UN) Third International Conference on Chemical Management (ICCM3) put forth 13 activities related to nanotechnologies for adoption in the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management’s (SAICM) Global Plan of Action. An update on these activities has been provided by the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals (IOMC).

The 13 activities are split into three work areas; these address risk reduction, knowledge and information, and governance. Six of the 13 activities have seen some progress:

  • Work by the OECD nanosafety programme has gone towards addressing activity 1, ‘Contribute to the development, promotion and adoption of internationally recognized technical guidelines and harmonized standards relating to manufactured nanomaterials’, and activity 10, ‘Promote the development of country-specific approaches, incorporating life-cycle thinking, to nanomaterials in existing national frameworks, policies, regulatory provisions,  best practice guidelines and chemical management programmes’.
  • Workshops run by UNITAR have addressed activity 5, ‘Enhance information and knowledge sharing on manufactured nanomaterials regarding international, national and regional policy and regulatory initiatives’ and activity 9, ‘Promote public awareness-raising acticities on manufactured nanomaterials in all regions’
  • A guidance document by UNITAR for national strategies was seen as progress for activity 12, ‘Promote coordinated international, regional and national policy strategies regarding the opportunities and risks of nanotechnology and manufactured nanomaterials’
  • WHO has addressed activity 3, ‘Increase the active involvement of the health sector in order to enhance understanding of possible short-term to long-term occupational health impacts of manufactured nanomaterials’

The review has been made in preparation for a meeting of SAICM’s Open-ended Working Group 2, which is scheduled to meet in December 2014. The sections relevant to nanotechnologies can be found in Annex 1 of the review paper.


Follow this link to read the review document, and this to read NIA’s previous reporting on the work by SAICM and the ICCM3 meeting

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