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Interview highlights Benefits of Nanotechnology for UK Food Industry

A recently published article has called on food manufacturers within the UK to 'recognise the massive potential of nanotechnology in creating healthier foods'.

Foods produced with nanoparticles 'can deliver a more rapid hit of taste', meaning that other ingredients such as salts and fats can be reduced as the particles are more evenly distributed. Nanotechnology would also allow a 'two- or three-fold increase in shelf-life' for foods.

The article also contains an interview with a representative from nanoKTN, who stated that "the UK was the leading country for developing the science behind nanotechnology" but that it has come to suffer from "that age-old problem of translating research into commercial benefit". He also highlighted that the UK was now falling behind countries in the Far East when it came to commercialising nanotechnology.


Follow this link to read the full article about the potential benefits of nanotechnology for the UK Food Industry.

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