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Health Canada considers nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide safe to use in Sunscreens

Health Canada has published a draft of its Guidance Document: Sunscreen Monograph. This document 'identifies the permitted ingredients' for sunscreen products in the country, and describes 'the requirements necessary to receive marketing authorization...for topical sunscreen products generally regarded as safe and effective'. Included amongst the ingredients listed are nanoscale zinc oxide and nanoscale titanium dioxide.

The guidance document does note that supplementary information needs to be collected and made available on request by manufacturers who include nanomaterials in their products. This is so the authority can ensure the nanomaterials 'are used safely and that their potential risks to the environment and human health are well understood and managed'. The types of information manufacturers need to make available are:

  • Specification or certificate of analysis
  • Elemental composition
  • Surface chemistry
  • Morphology
  • Characterisation of the nanomaterials used in the formulation

This is a draft document, and as such is open to stakeholder consultation until 19 February 2013.


Follow this link to read the full draft guidance document by Health Canada.

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