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French Prime Minister launches EUR 3.5 Billion Public-Private Partnership ‘Nano 2017’

On July 22 the French government unveiled in Grenoble a new research and development programme entitled ‘Nano 2017’. It succeeds to the 2009 programme, ‘Nano 2012’, which was worth EUR 2.3 billion.

In Grenoble, the French Prime Minister visited the micro and nanotechnologies campus, Minatec and STMicroelectronics’ Crolles site. Together with the minister for Higher Education and Research, the minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Innovation, and the Digital Economy, and the minister for Industrial Renewal,he launched ‘Nano 2017’, a EUR 3.5 billion public-private partnership specifically dedicated to nanotechnologies for superconductors.

Over five years the French state will invest EUR 600 million in this programme. ‘Nano 2017’ is also set to benefit from EUR 400 million of European funding. Furthermore several stakeholders, including the national research lab CEA-LETI and IBM, STMicroelectronics, will invest EUR 1.3 billion into this project. The entire Grenoble area benefits from nanotechnologies as over 24,000 jobs depend on it, including research labs, the University of Grenoble, and numerous SMEs and companies.


Follow this link for the French Prime Minister’s speech (video, French).

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