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French Healthcare Law requires Government Report on Nanomaterials in Medicines and Medical Devices

On 27 January 2016, the French government enacted the Law for the Modernisation of Our Healthcare System (Loi 2016-41 pour la Modernisation de notre Système de Santé).

This law addresses many aspects of French healthcare including the fight against tobacco use, sexually transmitted diseases, medical devices and medicine safety and others. The new healthcare law also tackles the use of nanomaterials in the medical sector.

Chapter V: ‘Inform and protect populations from sanitary risks linked to the environment’ addresses nanomaterials in Article 60. It commits the French Government to deliver a report on nanomaterial use in medicines and medical devices to the French Parliament by 18 months (June 2017).


For more information, please follow this link to the French Law 2016-41 on the Modernisation of our Healthcare System [in French].

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