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French Agency publishes Opinion on the Modification of REACH Annexes for Nanomaterials

A position paper released by the French National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labour (ANSES) details the Agency's opinion on the proposals to amend REACH's annexes to more specifically address nanomaterials. In 2013, ANSES was requested by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy to provide expertise supporting the French response to the European Commission’s public consultation on the REACH annexes and nanomaterials.

ANSES considers in the paper that the existing tonnage bands in REACH are not suitable for nanomaterials; in its view, a parameter for 'nanomaterials' should be included in Annex III, Criteria for Substances registered in Quantities between 1 and 10 Tonnes. Furthermore, ANSES proposes incorporating into REACH the physico-chemical criteria described in the ISO Technical Report, ISO/TR 13014:2012 Nanotechnologies -- Guidance on physico-chemical characterization of engineered nanoscale materials for toxicologic assessment.

In this document, it is also considered that the existing OECD Guidelines require an adaptation in order to be used for nanomaterials and that specific tests should also be developed in REACH. In the view of the sanitary Agency, toxicology testing should take bioaccumulation and toxicokinetics into account.

The French Agency proposed a number of modifications in the text of the annexes so as to collect better information on forms and quantities of nanomaterials used and to set up ‘means of prevention’.


Please follow this link to read the opinion of the French National Agency for Food Safety, Environment and Labour (in French).

NIA Members can follow this link to learn more about the EC proposal for amendment of the Annex to REACH for nanomaterials, discussed at the 13th CASG-Nano Meeting in May 2014.

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