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France releases Second Report on the Registration of Nanomaterials

Launched in 2013, the French mandatory reporting scheme, for nanomaterials that are produced or imported into France, completed a second round of registration on 1 June 2014; the authorities have now published a report on the results of this exercise.

In this second report, the Ministry of the Environment provides insights into the registration of nanomaterials produced or imported during 2013. The report, Elements from the Declarations of Substances at Nanoscale – Study Report 2014 (Éléments issus des Declarations des Substances à l’État Nanoparticulaire  - Rapport d’étude 2014), indicates a threefold-growth in the number of declarations: 10,417 declarations were submitted to the French authorities by 1 June 2014, while the 2013 exercise only collected 3,409 declarations. Registration of imported substances nevertheless significantly dropped between the two rounds: 212,000 tons were imported in 2013, and only 122,000 tons in 2014.


For more information, please follow this link for the 2014 final report (in French), this link for the 2013 final report (in French), and this link for an English version of the Decree on the Annual Declaration on Substances at Nanoscale.

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