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Food Packaging Industry criticises House of Lords Report

According to an article on FoodProductionDaily, representatives of the food packaging industry have criticised the conclusion of the UK House of Lords' Report on Nanotechnologies and Food. The experts noted that ‘high costs and supply chain concerns were responsible for the slower take up of the technology in the packaging sector – rather than any attempt by the industry to conceal research for fear of a public backlash’. was told ‘that it was simply “too early” to level such criticism at the segment because so few nanomaterials had been incorporated into packaging’.

'The limited growth in the market to date is strongly related to cost. [...] Companies are waiting for others to make a breakthrough and bring the cost of nano-packaging down. There has been a lot of work done at a research level but what is missing is the link with industry. Safety is also an issue. A third concern is over whether there is the supply chain in place and whether component parts could be produced in sufficient quantity and consistent quality’.


Follow this link to read the full FoodProductionDaily article.

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