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European Union urged to provide greater Support to Nanoscale Electronics

Attendees invited to a roundtable discussion on nanoelectronics have issued a call for the European Union (EU) to "increase leverage in public and private investment" in the sector. Delegates to the event, co-organised by the ENIAC Joint Undertaking (ENIAC JU), stressed that Europe would fall behind on these "strategic technologies" unless something substantial was done.

One speaker stated that the union was "missing a critical mass of policies, money and countries" to support nanoelectronics, and Europe "must translate research into project in an integrated way, with public and private input if we are to build a bridge to a stronger position in global competition". Others stated, "we need to build value chains of European scale and take advantage of the size of our markets" for "there is a great industrial advantage to create future jobs in Europe" through the sector.

The size of the input of some companies was said to be "several times Europe's entire budget contribution into R+D" by one delegate, who claimed that "we need a multinational effort as there is not a strong European company to pull this together. We need billions, not millions, and fast decisions for a fast moving sector".


Follow this link to read all the comments on the nanoelectronics sector from the roundtable discussion.

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