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European Parliament Resolution calls for ‘adequate’ Consumer Protection from Goods produced using Nanotechnologies

The European Parliament (EP) has adopted a text that looks to strengthen methods to protect consumers from goods that have been in some way made using nanotech. The text has been forwarded to the European Council and Commission, as well as to the government of European Member States.

Under point 15 of the EP’s recent resolution on a new agenda for European Consumer Policy (2012/2133(INI)), a call is made for ‘adequate consumer protection and product safety in the markets for consumer goods produced using nanotechnology […]’.

Other highlights from the adopted text include:

  • ‘The need to guarantee the independence and transparency of scientific expertise and regulatory opinion, in particular, in the field of health, environment and food policies, in order to ensure the highlest level of health protection and confidence among consumers […]
  • Calls for consumers to be able to exercise their rights easily and effectively in basic areas including food, health, energy […]
  • Calls for consumers to benefit from advances in science and technology and to have access to information, impartial advice and the tools required for fair and effective redress […]
  • [The EP] asks the Commission to make the RAPEX (Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products) reporting system more transparent and effective […]’


Follow this link to read the full adopted text of the EP resolution.

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