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European Nanoelectronics Bodies outline Proposal for EUR 100 billion Investment by 2020

The Association for European Nanoelectronics Activities (AENEAS) and the Cluster for Application and Technology Research in Europe on Nanoelectronics (CATRENE) have published a positioning paper, entitled Innovation for the Future of Europe: Nanoelectronics beyond 2020. In it they describe 'a proposal by companies and institutes within Europe's nanoelectronics ecosystem to invest EUR 100 billion up to the year 2020 on an ambitious research and innovation programme, planned and implemented in close cooperation with the EU and Members States'.

Among the investment priorities identified by the programme are 'collaboration with participating institutes and academia to perform leading-edge nanoelectronics research; pilot lines to prove state-of-the-art microchip technologies...; dedicated test-bed facilities for the equipment and materials needed...; [and] system integration and application development in industry segments where Europe has particular strength, focusing on sustainable solutions for societal challenges'. The paper also urges several 'urgent industrial strategy actions', including an extension of dedicated budgets for Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), greater eligibility for public funding in the field, and a greater focus on European Union funding for regional initiatives.

"This important new positioning intended to open up discussions on how Europe-wide research in nanoelectronics can be coordinated to maximise its applicability and economic value", stated the chairman of CATRENE. He further added that "with the right investment and Europe-wide programme coordination, the European nanoelectronics ecosystem can increase Europe's worldwide revenues by over EUR 200 billion per year and create an additional 250,000 direct and induced jobs in Europe".


Follow this link to read the full positioning paper on nanoelectronics, and this link to read quotes made by the chairman of CATRENE.

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