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European Health Commissioner outlines next Steps for rejected Proposal on labelling of Nanomaterials in Food Products

Following the European Parliament’s (EP) recent rejection of the European Commission’s (EC) proposal for amending EC Regulation 1169/2011 concerning the provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC), an MEP asked the Commission how it intends to react to this. A response was given by the European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy.

The rejection, called a ‘vote in favour of consumers’ by the MEP who asked the question, was something that the European Commissioner said had been ‘taken good note of’. He also indicated that ‘the Commission is currently discussing the options and reflecting on the best way forward so as to adapt the definition in the light of new scientific and technological developments whilst addressing the concerns expressed by the Parliament’.

The question was put to the Commission on 20 March 2014, and was answered just over a month later.


Follow this link to read the question and response, and this to read NIA’s reporting on the EP’s rejection of the proposal.

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