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European Commission Science Committee on Consumer Safety to Evaluate Nano Titanium Dioxide

The European Commission has formally requested an evaluation of titanium dioxide from their Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). The SCCS had previously assessed titanium dioxide in 2013 and determined that at a concentration up to 25%, it posed no risk to people when used as a UV-filter, however, considered it unsuitable for use in spray products.

The SCCS has received further data from the nanotechnology industry to reassess titanium dioxide as a UV-filter and spray at concentrations up to 5.5%, and will use this to evaluate its safety and effectiveness. Specifically, SCCS will determine:

  • In light of the data provided, does the SCCS consider Titanium Dioxide (nano) safe when used as UV-filter in sunscreens and personal spray products at a concentration up to 5.5%?
  • Does SCCS have any further scientific concerns regarding the use of Titanium Dioxide (nano) when used as UV-Filter in sunscreens and personal care spray products?

For more information, view the full request.

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