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European Commission publishes 2nd Implementation Report on the European Action Plan 2005-2009

The European Commission has published the 2nd Implementation Report on the European Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: An action plan for Europe 2005-2009; according to the introduction, the Communication ‘outlines the key developments during 2007-2009 in each policy area of the Action Plan, identifies current challenges, and draws conclusions relevant to the future European nanotechnology policy. Where appropriate, for the sake of completeness and continuity, developments in preceding years are included. Detailed supporting information can be found in the accompanying Commission Staff Working Paper [SEC(2009)1468]’.

The Report outlines some examples of nanotechnology applications:

  • 'In nanoelectronics, the miniaturisation of semiconductor components enables ever more powerful computers and other digital devices. Even smaller devices now seem possible via novel “bottom-up” techniques
  • In nanomedicine, devices based on “nanobiological” sensors are being developed for the early diagnosis of common diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancers. It also seems possible to selectively target drugs to diseased cells, thereby minimising the negative side effects of these drugs in other areas of the body; and to use engineered tissues for regenerative medicine
  • In pilot line projects, some of the most promising laboratory results are being turned into industrial applications, not only to produce new materials but also to improve industrial sustainability
  • In the field of energy, more efficient and less costly solar cells are being developed
  • Thermoelectric converters could furthermore recover heat, from internal combustion engines for example, which would otherwise be wasted
  • In water remediation, nanotechnology is showing the way to more effective and less costly methods’

The Report proposes to continue and consolidate the present actions in the coming years, with emphasis on:

  • Deepening the research efforts and roadmaps for key nanotechnology sectors, to enhance innovation and competitiveness [...]
  • Developing infrastructures and the educational system further [...]
  • Strengthening the mechanisms available for industrial innovation [...]
  • Implementing a more direct, focused and continuous societal dialogue [...]
  • Continuing to review the adequacy of regulation, adapting as appropriate the implementation instruments, proposing regulatory change where necessary [...]
  • Surveying the market for products of nanotechnology, including their safety aspects [...]
  • Stepping up the research effort on safety assessment, including risk management, throughout the product life cycle [...]
  • Enhancing coordination and exchange of information with Member States


Follow these links to find out more about the European Strategy and the Action Plan on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies, to download the [Nano-]Action Plan for Europe 2005-2009, to download the EC’s 2nd Implementation Plan [COM(2009)607], or to download the accompanying Commission Staff Working Paper [SEC(2009)1468].

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