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“Europe has no other choice”; EC proposes European Strategy for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

A recent communication by the European Commission has stated that ‘[…] Europe has no other choice but to engage in an ambitious industrial strategy for micro- and nanoelectronics […]’ as it is ‘[…] essential for growth and jobs’. The EC considers micro- and nanoelectronics to be Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

Described in A European Strategy for micro- and nanoelecronic components and systems (COM_2013_298) is an action plan that ‘[…] covers the whole value chain from material and equipment manufacturing to design and volume production’. It states that ‘the focus is on:

  • Attracting and channelling investments in support of a European roadmap for industrial leadership in micro- and nanoelectronics
  • Setting up an EU-level mechanism to combine and focus support to micro- and nanoelectronics R&D&I by Member States, the EU and the private sector
  • Taking measures to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness towards a global playing field regarding state aid, to support business development and SMEs, and to address the skills gap’

NIA recently attended and published a meeting report on the EC Joint Research Centre (JRC) Roundtable on Scientific Support for KETs.


Follow this link to read the full EC micro- and nanoelectronics strategy, and this link to read NIA’s meeting report on the roundtable discussion of KETs.

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