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EFSA Updating Nano Guidance and Developing New Guidelines for Nano in Agriculture

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) will review their 2011 Guidance Document for risk assessment of nanomaterials in food following the recent passage of updated Novel Food legislation by the European parliament that requires EFSA determine whether best practices are being used. EFSA's Scientific Committee Chair said the updated review will provide new guidance on nanomaterials in agriculture, food and feed, in particular nanopesticides and nanoformulations, and will address how nanotechnologies 'influence on biodistribution, adsorption and transition in the gastro-intestinal tract.'

The agriculture, food and feed guidance will be a separate document that examines 'size-related particularities of nanomaterials....and cross-cutting aspects between food toxicology and environmental toxicity. Example areas are potential risk for workers and the release from food contact materials as contaminants in the environment and eventually in food.' EFSA will issue tenders for literature reviews and data around nanomaterials in agriculture food and feed to support this research.

The expected delivery date for the updated nano guidances is 31 July 2019. For more details, visit the EFSA website to view the mandate and supporting documents.

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