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EFSA Management Board adopts Nanotechnology-related Recommendations for 2013

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has accepted recommendations from an external evaluation and is expecting to roll them into its management plan for the coming year. Nanotechnology was highlighted a number of times in the recommendations as a thematic area requiring prioritisation by EFSA.

The review ‘found EFSA to be fulfilling its mandate and acting in an independent and transparent manner’. Part of the praise for it was reserved for its ability to adapt ‘to the changes in the tasks entrusted to it’, with its work in the ‘quick creation of new expert groups (e.g. nanotechnologies)’ singled out in particular. Nevertheless the evaluation felt that nanotechnology was an area where ‘the suitability of outputs of client’s needs’ and availability of data could be improved.

Following this report, the board ‘identified four priority areas for further action’. Due to the nanotechnology-related recommendations highlighted above, two of these could see changes in how the authority addresses nanoscale materials. These two are:

  • ‘To increase trust by continuing to ensure independence and enhance transparency and openness of its scientific work’
  • ‘To further enhance EU risk assessment capacity through strengthened cooperation with Member States, the European Commission and other EU agencies’


Follow this link to read EFSA’s press release about the management plan, and this link to view the recommendations made to it by external evaluators.

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