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EFSA creating Inventory of nano-based Food and Feed Activities

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is working on an Inventory of food additives/food contact materials/feed additives applications in the area of nanotechnologies. This was revealed through an internal mandate, M-2012-0216. A sum of EUR 100,000 has been allocated to the organisation's Feed Unit for the task so that they may deliver 'one external scientific report' by September 2013.

An inventory was recently considered 'a priority' by EFSA, and as such 'more up-to-date information on the state of the art would be required'. Therefore the Feed Unit has been asked to prepare a background document alongside the inventory of nanotechnology applications in the food and feed areas. Furthermore 'the current European Commission (EC) recommendation for a definition on nanomaterial must be used for the development of the document'.

The internal mandate was received in July 2012 and was approved on the 28 September of the same year.


Follow this link to download and view the mandate (NOTE: please search for M-2012-0216, click on the link with the same name, then click on the following file: IM CFT-EFSA-FEED-2012-01.pdf)

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