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ECHA Publishes Report on Impacts of REACH and CLP

The European Chemicals Authority (ECHA) has published its second report on the implementation of REACH and Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulations since their initial introduction in 2005. These reports are issued every five years, with the first one published in 2011, and chronicle how the European Union and companies are working together to fully implement REACH and what challenges still remain.

In the report, ECHA highlights how they have moved from being a "data-gathering organisation to a knowledge management one," which they say allows ECHA to screen numerous database and successfully trigger risk management measures when a chemical of concern arises. They highlight the over 10,000 companies that have provided data under REACH so far and the mutual relationship that has been built. The authors note that although some dossiers need revisions following review, the vast majority of companies are willing and ready to make further revisions in order to come into compliance.

However, for nanomaterials, ECHA asks for improvement from industry in providing data. They acknowledge that there is no explicit requirements or legal clarity in REACH for nanomaterials, but request a 'constructive approach from industry.' Finally, the report looks ahead to the 2018 REACH Registration deadline, noting that after this time ECHA and industry will need to continually work together to ensure dossiers are kept up to date.

The report, press release and summary sheet are now available at the ECHA website.

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