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ECHA Provides New Guidance for Biocide Peer Review

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has released new guidelines for companies to introduce new information during the peer review process of an active biocidal substance approval. ECHA noted that this issue has arisen several times by submitting companies and a harmonised approach was necessary. For a company to now submit new information they must meet several criteria:

  • the 270 day limit for BPC opinion must be aheared to;
  • Limited to situations where during the peer review the outcome of the evaluation of the eCA is significantly changed;
  • limited to situations where the new information is readily available and can be submitted by the applicant or a MSCA directly after the Working Group;
  • the Working Group has agreed that new information is required and which information is required

Visit ECHA website to read the full guidance and learn more.

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