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ECHA Board of Appeal Annuls Requests for 'Nano-structured' Substance Information

The European Chemicals Agency announced this week that their Board of Appeals has annulled four requests for further information on nano-structured substances from registrants. The decisions covers cases A-008-2015, A-009-2015, A-010-2015 and A-011-2015.
The ECHA Board of Appeal ruled that the decisions "breached the principle of legal certainty" since several terms such as 'nanoforms' were not clearly defined. Registrants would be unable to determine exactly what must information must be supplied in order to meet ECHA's request and, therefore, the request is invalid. Registrants also asked the Board of Appeals to rule on the legality of these requests, however,  the Board determined that since the terms were not clearly defined, they were also unable to rule on their legality.
For more information, view the full decision on the ECHA website.
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