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EC SCCS slams quality of Nanomaterial safety Dossiers in Cosmetics

The European Commission’s (EC) Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) has strongly criticised the quality of safety dossiers on nanomaterials that it has recently looked at. The issue was specifically raised in its Memorandum on Scientific Evaluations and Opinions to be adopted by the SCCS.

Explaining the problem the Committee states that ‘[…] the supporting evidence submitted for a given nanomaterial under assessment is sometimes completely on irrelevant materials and may include information on non-nano forms, entirely different physico-chemical parameters and morphological forms’. The errors even extend so far as to result in the material being investigated sometimes ‘not [being] the actual material used in cosmetic products’.

This comes as the SCCS admits that, ‘[…] in the past few years, [it] has found that several dossiers submitted are lacking necessary information/studies for the safety evaluation of the respective cosmetic ingredient’. They point out that each completed dossier should ‘include all information and original studies’. As an aid the Committee provides references to toxicological studies it considers to be of a high enough standard for submission.


Follow this link to read the full memorandum.

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