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EC SCCS to assess Use of nanoscale Hydroxyapatite in Cosmetics

The European Commission (EC) has requested that its Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) investigate ‘the use of Hydroxyapatite in nano form’ in cosmetic products. The EC’s concerns are over ‘the potential for nanoparticles of Hydroxyapatite to be absorbed and enter into the cells [of the body]’.

The EC, it has received ’26 notifications of cosmetic products’ containing the substance; it is used ‘in nano uncoated form both in leave-on and rinse-off oral cosmetics products including toothpastes, tooth whiteners and mouth washes’, according to applicants. The EC has asked the SCCS to investigate the substance ‘taking into account the reasonably foreseeable exposure conditions’, and would like it to ‘address any further scientific concerns with regard to the use’ of the substance in nano form in cosmetic products.

The SCCS’ deadline for carrying out the investigation is six months.


Follow this link to read the full request by the EC.

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