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Early Results indicate total of 4 Nanomaterials registered by 2013 REACH Deadline

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)’s Director of Registration has stated that the agency has received REACH registrations for “4 substances registered as nanomaterials, and the number of dossiers corresponding to these…is 80”. Speaking at a press conference, the representative did indicate that this is “a very preliminary number” and that full details would be revealed in early September 2013.

This latest REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals regulation) registration deadline, which was 31 May 2013, was for the 100 to 1000 tonnes per year range. The Director noted that the number “is not a bigger number than in 2010, despite a lot of advice [being offered] to the companies to indicate whether they use nanoform for their substance”.

In total 9084 registration dossiers were submitted by 3215 companies, and ECHA’s Executive Director “congratulate[d] all successful registrants on their hard work”. Nevertheless there was a reminder that “complying with REACH does not end at registration. It’s only the start”. The final deadline, for ‘substances manufactured or imported in the EU at or above one tonne a year’, is 31 May 2018.


Follow this link to view the press conference given by ECHA (nanomaterials are mentioned from 38:01 until 38:37), and this to read a press release about the registrations in general.

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