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Danish Review Summarizes Nano Interaction with Skin

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark's Environment Protection Agency published a new literature review yesterday, Assessment of Nano-enabled Technologies in Cosmetics, as part of their 'Better Control of Nano' Initiative 2012-2015, which focuses on how nanomaterials fit into the Danish market and environment. This comes on the heels of the Ministry's recent publication that found companies incurred tens of millions of Danish Krones in administrative costs to ensure compliance with the nano registry in 2015.

The literature review specifically addresses soluble nano-transporters in cosmetics and how they interact with the skin (dermal interaction), with a focus on:

  • "Types and uses of soluble nano-transporters in cosmetic applications
  • Assessment of the extent of dermal absorption/penetration of nano-transporters
  • Evidence of dermal/systemic toxicity arising from interactions with nano-transporters
  • Identification of nano-specific characteristics that may influence dermal absorption/toxicity of nano-transporters
  • Assessment of the specific research areas that require more knowledge
  • To discuss to which extent provisions on nanomaterials in the cosmetic regulation are to be applied for nanotransporters."

The report is also accompanied by a full database of all literature utilised in the review. For more information on the report, visit the Ministry website.

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