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Danish NGO outlines Concerns over Nanomaterials in new e-Book

The Danish Ecological Council has published a report, entitled Chemicals in Politics and Everyday Life – EU’s Chemical Regulation REACH, Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, Nanomaterials and Cocktail Effects. The report contains describes the regulatory landscape around nanomaterials, and highlights its concerns over the materials.

Nanomaterials ‘are under suspicion of harming human health and the environment’ due to their size, according to the NGO, and ‘we cannot automatically assume that they are harmless, merely based on the fact that their larger ‘siblings’ are’. The organisation calls for ‘specific legislation…ensuring that human health and the environment are not harmed’, with particular emphasis called for on occupational exposure to free nanoparticles.

The report ‘is produced with the aim of being used within several different subjects and teaching courses’; nevertheless there is a section in the report which states that, ‘if you…want to consider health and the environment when buying clothing and other textiles…avoid clothing described as antibacterial, mildew resistant, or similar (most probably contains nano-silver)’.


Follow this link to read the full report by the Danish Ecological Council.

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