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Danish Government Finds no Environmental Risk from Common Nanomaterials

A new study by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has concluded there is "no causes for significant environmental concerns regarding nanomaterials." The study comes on the heels of four additional studies from the agency this month examining environmental, health and safety effects of nanomaterials.

Environmental Assessment of Nanomaterial Use in Denmark, looked at ten of the most widely used engineered nanomaterials representing a broad range of applications:

  • Titanium dioxide, photosable;
  • Titanium dioxide, photocatalytics;
  • Zinc oxide;
  • Silver;
  • Carbon nanotubes;
  • Copper carbonate/copper oxide;
  • Nano zero valent iron;
  • Cerium dioxide;
  • Quantum dots, and;
  • Carbon black.

These substances were tested for environmental impacts in the Denmark, a nation with a common profile for European nano-usage. The final results could not find a "general environmental risk or...significant environmental concern" from the products.

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