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Danish EPA releases Report on Nanomaterial Safety

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the final report of the 'Better Control of Nanomaterials' initiative. Started in 2012 this government-led initiative of 24 million Danish kroner (3.2 million Euro) has published of thirty reports assessing health and environmental questions linked to nanomaterials and helped establish the Danish nano product register, a mandatory registration scheme on nanomaterials manufactured in and imported to the kingdom.

The Better Control of Nanomaterials - Summary of the 4-year Danish Initiative on Nanomaterials report is the result of four years of work on nanomaterials in consumer products, evaluating the risks they might pose to consumers and to the environment as well as an assessment of existing and future legislation for nanomaterials. Results examined four areas of exposure for consumers -- oral intake, dermal exposure, inhalation and eye exposure -- and found little risk in most activities. For inhalation, the authors highlighted the need for risk management measures for situations such as painting with a sprayer or sanding a surface. In their environmental evaluation, the researchers determined "none of the investigated nanomaterials pose an environmental risk in the freshwater environment."


found nanomaterials pose little risk to the environment and for most exposure methods for consumers

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