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Controversies surround Ban of Nanoparticles

As of January 2008 the UK-based Soil Association has banned the use of man-made nanomaterials from all Soil Association certified organic products. According to a press release by the Soil Association, ‘this [ban] applies particularly to health and beauty products, but also to food and textiles’.

This action has been backed by Canada-based ETC-group, which called for a moratorium on nanotechnology in 2003.

In response to the Soil Association’s surprising and irrational ban, the UK’s Cosmetic Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) issued a statement which notes that the Soil Association 'fails to meet the criteria of new contribution to the nanoscience debate that is based on fact and good science, including its use out of context of the Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering 2004 report. The CTPA reassures consumers about the safe use of nanoparticles in cosmetic products'.

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