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Companies launch Appeal against ECHA Titanium Dioxide Registration Check

A number of companies have appealed against a decision taken by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in June 2014. According to the appeal, the contested decision ‘is unlawful in so far as it requires the update of the Substance [titanium dioxide] registration dossier with specific information related to phases of the Substance, nanoforms, and surface treatments of nanoforms, as part of the Substance identification information’.

The appellants determined ‘that the information related to the identification of titanium dioxide currently included in the titanium dioxide registration dossier complies fully with the requirements of the REACH regulation’. As such they have requested that the ECHA Board of Appeal:

  • ‘Declares the appeal admissible
  • Annuls the Contested Decision in so far as it requests the submission of information related to phases, nanoforms, and surface-treated nanoforms as described in the Contested Decision
  • Orders the refund of the appeal fee, and
  • Takes such other or further measures as justice may require’

According to the appeal document, ‘the Contested Decision was adopted [by ECHA] on 17 June 2014 following a compliance check under the dossier evaluation procedure’ of a registration made by a company for titanium dioxide.


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