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Commission publishes proposal for REACH Annexes amendments

The European Commission has just published its proposal for amending the REACH Annexes to address nanoform substances. The proposal is in the form of a Commission Regulation to amend Annexes I, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XII. The Commission Regulation itself is only 3 Articles, and the main text changes for the REACH Annexes are provided in an Annex to the Regulation. 

The regulation shall apply from 1 January 2020, while at the same time allowing users to comply before that date.

In Annex VI, a 'Guidance note on nanoforms' has been inserted, referring to the 2011 Commission recommendation on the definition for a nanomaterial. However, a form of a substance fulfilling the criteria is not defined as a nanomaterial but as 'a nanoform of a substance'. 

The EC has opened up the draft proposal for feedback that is will close on November 6th. NIA will shortly initiate a Members Consultation on the EC proposal. 

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