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Canadian Workers Union publishes Opinion on Nanotechnology

In December 2010 Canadian Union of Public Workers (CUPE) suddenly published an article about the health and safety of nanotechnology: the article, entitled Health and safety issues with nanotechnology, focused on reiterating the use of nanotechnology in sunscreens and various types of socks. Nano-Silver was a particular favourite of the CUPE's criticism. Unfortunately there is very little information on the health and safety of nanotechnology or nanomaterials; most of the material appears to have been duplicated from another source published a few years ago.

It is not clear why CUPE has decided to set the negative tone for the discussion about the nanomaterials. CUPE is well known for organising industrial action or large campaigns for better pension plans for Canadian public sector workers, it has a track record in setting up discussions about technology developments. In fact, further searches of CUPE's website produced no other articles on nanotechnology.


Follow this link to read the original article by CUPE.

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