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Canada requests Research, Commericial and Consumer Use Data for Over 200 Nanomaterials

On 25 July 2015, the Canadian Minister of Environment requested nanomaterial producers supply a wide range of data on product research, use in the commercial and consumer markets, and quantity manufactured or imported. The request, posted in the Canada Gazette, the official paper of the Canadian government, and highlighted by the Nano and Other Emerging Chemical Technologies Blog, applies to any manufacturer who in 2014 produced in excess of 100 kg of over 200 nanosubstances listed in the notice.

The notice provides exceptions to nanosubstances that were:

  • in transit through Canada;
  • 'naturally occurring' or incidentally produced;
  • was, or was contained in, a hazardous waste or recyclable material;
  • was, or was contained in, a pest control product;
  • was, or was contained in, a fertilizer or supplement;
  • was, or was contained in, a feed;
  • is mixed with, or attached to, a seed.

For more detail on exceptions, information requested and full list of products covered, view the complete notice in the Canada Gazette.

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