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Brazilian Bill to regulate Nanomaterials shelved; another one in the Works

The Brazilian Senate recently decided to reject a proposal to establish labelling requirements for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Bill PLS 131/2010 was first proposed in 2010 and was subsequently reviewed by the country’s Commission on Social Affairs (CAS) and Commission for the Environment, Consumer Protection and Surveillance and Control (CMA); both recommended that it should be rejected by the Senate.

PLS 131/2010 cited a lack of information regarding the safety of nanotechnologies as leading to regulatory bodies being unable to make informed decisions on whether it needed restricting or not. The bill’s proponents noted that consumers, however, had a right to know what could be in the products they were buying, and so proposed a labelling scheme.

The CAS stated, however, that there is no scientific evidence to justify the need to point out the use of nanotechnology in manufacturing processes. Furthermore labelling, it said, could be economically damaging – it could be interpreted as a warning by consumers, especially as most have no technical knowledge of nanotechnologies. The CMA came to similar conclusions.

A new bill for the labelling of nanotechnology products, PL 5133/2013, is currently being looked at by the relevant regulatory bodies. It was proposed in March 2013.


Follow this link for an in-depth look at the rejection of Bill PLS 131/2010 (in Portuguese), and this link for more information on the upcoming bill, PL 5133/2013 (in Portuguese).

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