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Brazil’s ANVISA establishes Nanotechnology Committee for Health Surveillance

Brazil’s Health Surveillance Agency, ANVISA, has been ordered to set up an internal committee on nanotechnology (CIN) to coordinate institutional actions in areas deemed to be national priorities. The committee has a year to find relevant members and complete numerous actions, including setting up a database on manufactured nanomaterials.

Ordinance from the Brazilian official gazette states that the tasks of CIN include:

  • Coordinating actions in nanotechnology within ANVISA
  • Coordinating a health surveillance registration scheme for nanotechnology products and processes
  • Elaborating upon standards or guides related to safety assessment, monitoring and process control in the area of nanotechnology
  • Formulating a classification system for nanoparticles that groups them according to the degree of risk
  • Making a proposal for a database related to the health aspects of manufactured nanoparticles and nanomaterials
  • Participating in the elaboration of the National Nanotechnology Policy
  • Developing proposals for research in nanotechnologies that will bridge regulatory gaps

The order was published on 21 August 2014 – as such CIN has until 20 August 2015 to carry out the requested tasks.


Follow this link to read the official order for the creation of ANVISA’s internal committee on nanotechnology (CIN) (in Portugese).

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