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UPDATE: Second NIA Quarterly Webinar - 30 Sep 2014

After the success of the first NIA Members Quarterly Webinar, NIA ran its second quarterly webinar on 30 September 2014. The presentation has now been made available to NIA Members.

Held from 15:00 CEST for 1.5 hours, the webinar gave:

  • An interactive presentation on NIA Projects building on the upcoming NIA Research Projects Report, and including a confidential discussion on NIA's involvement in H2020. NIA Members are invited to:
    • Ask questions about any of the NIA projects contained in the report
    • Highlight similar projects to NIA's that they are working on
    • Highlight strategic areas of H2020 they would like to see NIA involved in
  • An open discussion on 'Hot Topics', with Members invited to propose topics they would like to see discussed in more detail at the NIA AGM in November 2014. Topics that NIA will discuss include:
    • REACH Annexes
    • EC Impact Assessment
    • Status of the 2014 review of the EC Definition
  • General Q+A


NIA Members can download the full presentation.

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