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UPDATE: NIA EXCLUSIVE Consultation - US EPA proposed Rule for TSCA Section 8(a) - DEADLINE: 3 July 2015

UPDATE : NIA Members are invited to comment on the draft reply to the US EPA that was compiled by NIA as a result from the first round of consultation. NIA Members are invited to follow this link to download the draft comments. Comments should be sent to NIA by 3 July 2015.

Following the proposal of the Environment Protection Agency of the United States of America (US EPA) to introduce reporting and recordkeeping requirements for nanoscale materials as well as a 135-days pre-notification requirement for the manufacturers of ‘chemical substances as discrete nanoscale materials’, NIA is opening a consultation to propose consolidated comments to the US EPA.


Comments can be sent to the NIA until 26 May 2015; NIA Members are invited to follow this link to learn more about the consultation.

NIA Members can follow this link to download an exclusive Bergeson & Campbell, P.C. briefing on this issue. For more information, please follow this link.


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