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NIA Members EXCLUSIVE - Presentation on 'Can Nanoparticles migrate from Food Contact Plastics into Foods?'

A study presented at an event hosted and attended by MEPs has concluded that ‘nanomaterials in food packaging do not migrate to food’. The presentation, Can nano particles migrate from food contact plastics into foods?, also stated that ‘a more risk-based approach to safety research offers far more clarity than labelling alone’.

The presenter of the study told attendees that ‘after much research he had concluded that the risk of migration was “very low”’. Indeed he stated that “there is no evidence of any migration, even under the most severe of test conditions”.

MEPs found the study “reassuring”; they commented that “it is clear from what we have been told at this debate that the risk is negligible and that is clearly good to hear”. Nevertheless they made it clear that these results apply only to food and more such work needs to be done in other areas, such as cosmetics: “I think we can be pretty sure about the food safety aspects…but maybe less certain about other things.

The study was commissioned by PlasticsEurope and the Bavarian State Ministry of Environment and Public Health. The event, a roundtable discussion, was held on the 26 March 2013.


NIA Members can download the presentation in full (kindly made available by PlasticsEurope). Members and non-Members can follow these links to read coverage and comments from the debate.

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