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NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation - draft Reply to European Commission Consultation on Modification of REACH Annexes for Nanomaterials

The European Commission started on 21 June 2013 a public consultation on modification of REACH Annexes on nanomaterials (link to the external consultation). The objective of the policy initiative, according to the European Commission, is to ensure further clarity on how nanomaterials are addressed and safety demonstrated in REACH registration dossiers.

The Commission proposal of possible amendment of the REACH Annexes is foreseen to be made in 2013, and will be accompanied by an Impact Assessment. The objective of the consultation is to provide the Commission with the best possible evidence base for its work with the above tasks.


NIA has prepared a draft reply to the consultation and NIA Members are invited to contribute by following this link. The deadline for submitting comments is Monday 9 September 2013.

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