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NIA EXCLUSIVE - Materials from NIA Symposium on Mandatory Nano Reporting Schemes and Databases now available

Recent developments have seen a growing number of European Member States setting up mandatory reporting schemes and databases of nanomaterials. Whilst nanomaterials fall under REACH like any other chemical substances, they have been the focus of increasing concern in some Member States, who have felt it necessary to establish informative databases of nanomaterials and/or products containing nanomaterials.

With France bringing its reporting legislation into force on 1 January 2013, it seems its example may be followed by Belgium and Denmark, with Sweden and Italy possibly following suit in the coming years. In addition 10 European Member States plus Croatia have sent a letter to the European Commission asking for a database to be made at EU level.

Responding to the apprehension felt by the industry sectors facing these initiatives, the NIA held a symposium in order to provide information and to build a response to a development that it feels might significantly hamper innovation in Europe. Therefore the Symposium on Mandatory Reporting Schemes & Databases of Nanomaterials was held on the 19 December 2012 in Brussels. Presentations were made by representatives from national agencies and the European Commission, and delegates from the nanotechnology industries used the occasion to discuss their views on the setting up of these schemes and databases in European Member States.

The materials from the event contain all of the presentations by the speakers, important and exclusive materials that were discussed at the event, as well as a meeting note that describes all of the day's events.


NIA Members can access these exclusive documents by following this link. Non-members can purchase the materials for EUR 80 - please contact the NIA for further details.

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