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NIA EXCLUSIVE - Discount for Nanofibres to Nanocomposites III

NIA Members are subject to discounted registration fees - contact the NIA Events Team for more information.


There have been two very successful Nanofibre to Nanocomposite events over the past two years reflecting the growth in interest in electrospinning of nanofibres and their potential applications. During this time, commercial nanofibre based products have begun to reach the market based on electrospinning and other production methods.

This third event will provide further insight into the new world of nanofibres and nanocomposite products and applications.

Who should attend?
This event will be of interest to all those who want to learn about the production and use of nanofibres for a wide range of applications.


Follow this link to view the latest flyer for the event, and this link to visit the event website.

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