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NIA EXCLUSIVE - 40% Discount on Cosmetics Europe Conference 2014

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Held at the heart of Europe in Brussels, this must-attend conference brings together international industry and regulatory leaders to discuss emerging scientific and regulatory trends and challenges in the cosmetics industry. Participants will look at critical developments that could directly impact cosmetics legislation across the value chain.

Cosmetics Europe is a unique interface between the industry and European regulators. Its daily work lies in the interaction between both and as such, Cosmetics Europe is in a position to go beyond the understanding of current requirements, anticipating and foreseeing future trends.

Through in-depth presentations and interactive breakout sessions, participants will examine critical challenges developments along the whole value chain, that will impact cosmetics legislation. The conference will gather stakeholders across all areas of expertise, from supply chain professionals and service providers to scientific regulatory experts.

Details and discussions will focus on:

  • Trends and challenges in safety assessment and regulation for cosmetics
  • Public-private partnership in research for alternative methods to Animal Testing
  • The EU Cosmetics Regulation and future developments
  • Legal responsibilities in the value chain
  • Global trends in cosmetics regulation

Follow this link for the event flyer, and this to visit the event website.

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