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NIA EXCLUSIVE - 10% Discount for China International Graphene Summit

NIA Members​ can get a 10% discount on attending this event - contact the NIA Events Team for more details.


The China International Graphene Summit 2015 will be held on January 21 in Shanghai, China. The area of graphene is developing rapidly recently. China, as the country owns the largest amount of graphite, will look for a long-term development of graphene manufacture and applications. This section will cover latest technology and research progress in graphene worldwide, especially in China. The experts from graphene application developers, graphene producers and researchers will join us and provide you incredible information you are desired to know.

Conference highlights include:

  • Market status and investment opportunities in China
  • Innovative Manufacturing & Processing Techniques
  • Case studies in display, energy storage, transistors, sensors, etc.
  • View from potential end-users
  • Commercialization Roadmap


Follow this link to read the event newsletter, and this to visit the event website.

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