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CEN issues Call for Experts for a Nanoparticle Detection Project - DEADLINE: 15 March 2014

The European Committee for Standardization has issued an open call for five sub-contracted experts to work with its technical committee on nanotechnologies TC/352. The experts will aid in the development and writing of the Technical Specification (TS) Guidance on detection and identification of known nano-objects in complex matrices, which will be developed by the working group focusing on “Nanotechnology: Health, safety and environmental aspects”.

The five sub-contracted experts will have different expertise ‘in order to write different sections of the document’. The different desired fields of expertise are:

  • ‘Field-Flow-Fractionation technique
  • Electron Microscopy technique
  • Single-Particle ICP-MS’
  • And two similar methods which are still to be defined

Selection will be based on their qualifications, in particular: peer-reviewed publications in the field of nanoscale measurements; experience with metrology at the nanoscale in an industrial or laboratory context; experience in standards committees’.

These experts will be expected to, among other things, ‘provide technical input and advice during the drafting […]; write specific sections of the document; attend and provide technical input at project meetings (approximately twice a year for four years)’. In return each expert will receive EUR 15,000 for their time, and travel costs of EUR 3,000.


Submissions to the CEN committee should be made at the very latest by 17 March 2014; NIA Members are invited to submit their expressions of interest via NIA’s CEN representative Guillaume Flament by 15 March 2014.

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