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CAN looking for UK Collaborators for EuroNanoForum 2013

NIA Member Center for Applied Nanotechnology (CAN) GmbH is seeking collaborators who are nanotechnology stakeholders based in the UK. The collaboration is specifically based around showcasing CAN’s latest product at EuroNanoForum (ENF) 2013, taking place between 18 – 20 June 2013 in Dublin, Ireland.

“We are seeking partners in the area of nanotechnology, preferable for the following applications: LED, solid state lighting and PV with use of fluorescent nanoparticles; introduction of fluorescent materials (quantum dots or rare earth doped nanodots) into inks or sheets and the synthesis of quantum dots. In particular we are searching for collaborations or projects for up-scaling quantum dot syntheses by our continuous flow method,” stated CAN representative Daniel Neß.

Interested parties should email Mr Ness.


Follow this link to read a press release by CAN, this to read CAN’s Members profile, and this to read more about ENF 2013.

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