New OECD Publication addresses Alternative Testing Strategies in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials
The Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD WPMN) has released a new publication of its Series on the Safety of Manufactured Nanomaterials
OECD publishes Nanomaterial Safety Testing Data on 11 Manufactured Nanomaterials
On 9 June 2015, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials (WPMN) has made its web platform on the testing programme of manufactured nanomaterials public.
ISO/IEC Survey on Standardisation Needs in Graphene and other 2D Materials - Deadline 21 November 2014
NIA Member the National Physics Laboratory (NPL) is collecting information on the standardisation needs in graphene and other 2D materials in the form of an online survey. This initiative has been undertaken on behalf of the ISO/TC 229 JWG2, and IEC/TC113
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Briefing: Export Control and Dual-Use Goods and Technologies: the Case of Nanotechnologies
NIA has written an exclusive Members briefing on how nanotechnologies in dual-use goods and technologies are governed both internationally and by relevant US and EU regulations
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultations on ISO and IEC Standards - Deadlines: 23 May and 17 June 2014
NIA Members are invited to contribute to a ISO/IEC new work item proposal on vocabulary for graphene and to three other IEC/TC 113 documents
ISO issues new Guidance for Nano Labelling of Consumer Products
The Technical Committee on Nanotechnologies of the international Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 229) has released its Guidance on Voluntary Labelling for Consumer Products containing Manufactured Nano-Objects (ISO/TS 13830:2013)
NIA EXCLUSIVE Members Consultation: Two New IEC 80004 series on Nano-enabled electrotechincal and photonic Products and Systems – Deadline: 10 January 2014
NIA Members are invited to comment on two IEC/TC 113 - Nanotechnology Standardization for electrical and electronic Products and Systems committee drafts for new items in the standards 80004 nanotechnology vocabulary series
NIA Report - Closing the Gap: The Impact of Nanotechnologies on the global Divide
This NIA report looks into the notion of 'nano-gap' or 'nano-divide' and examines the pros and cons of nanotechnologies and their impact global development and the on-going fight against poverty

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