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Nanomedicine — lost in a chaotic, entangled Patent Landscape

This month’s issue of Nanomedicine contains an special report entitled, Patents and nanomedicine. The author of the report, Dr Raj Bawa, urges the US Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) ‘to address problems ranging from poor patent quality and questionable examination practices to inadequate search capabilities, rising attrition, poor employee morale and a skyrocketing patent application backlog’. 

Dr Bawa notes that the ‘US National Nanotechnology Initiative’s (NNI) widely cited definition of nanotechnology is inaccurate and irrelevant from a nanomedicine perspective. It is also the cause of the inadequate patent classification system that was recently unveiled by the PTO’, and concludes that ‘[all] of this is creating a chaotic, tangled patent landscape in various sectors of nanomedicine where the competing players are unsure of the validity and enforceability of numerous issued patents. If this trend continues, it could stifle competition and limit access to some inventions’.


Follow this link to read the abstract of Dr Bawa’s special report.

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