National Research Council Canada

The National Research Council (NRC) is the Government of Canada's premier research organization supporting industrial innovation, the advancement of knowledge and technology development, and fulfilling government mandates.

Working with clients and partners, we provide innovation support, strategic research, scientific and technical services.  NRC has just what industry needs: infrastructure, personnel, equipment, experience and networking capabilities.

We offer access to leading technology equipment, research and training programs.  We provide industry with a lower-risk way to develop innovative ideas, reduce start-up costs, and shorten time to market.

There are many benefits of working with the NRC. We:

  • Enable companies to innovate by providing knowledge, equipment and easier access to applied research;
  • Provide technical and commercialization services to industry;
  • Undertake the critical R&D that industry requires;
  • Develop the highly skilled workforce that industry needs; and we
  • Bridge the innovation gap between university-based discovery and industrial commercialization.


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