How Membership Benefits You

NIA Members benefit from a range of services to help ensure the best commercial environment for industries involved at any of the levels of the nanotechnology supply chain. These include:
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  • Representation: A leading voice in the debates surrounding nanotechnologies, NIA has access to key decision-makers and represents the views of organisations at the most influential global institutions, such as the OECD, ISO and the European Commission. NIA Members have the chance to both actively influence and receive restricted information from these discussions.
  • Bespoke Consultation: NIA Members can benefit from a range of tailor-made services offered under NIA’s bespoke consultation scheme. Done confidentially with NIA’s experts, it allows Members to prepare effectively and proactively take any action.
  • Industrial Collaboration: NIA co-ordinates numerous Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), allowing NIA Members across the whole nanotechnology value chain to cost-effectively collaborate with one another with a minimum amount of administration. Members can also network at the numerous seminars and symposiums NIA holds throughout the year, and can request collaborations through NIA’s Alerts service.
  • Exclusive Information: Restricted briefings, reports, consultations and opinion pieces are regularly published by NIA staff for Members, in order to provide them exclusive information and give them a competitive edge.
  • Newsletters: NIA publishes regular newsletters, alerting recipients to the latest and most important news requiring their attention. Members receive all NIA newsletters for free.

Furthermore our Monitoring Service offers a comprehensive, yet concise overview of legal material relating to the global development and commericalisation of nanotechnologies. This ensures that our members are alerted on the most significant regulatory outbreaks.


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NIA is actively supporting its Members in the area of Agriculture, Pesticides and Biocides.

For activites related to chemicals and raw materials NIA is actively promoting networking and provides bespoke and up-to-date intelligence and news articles.

NIA has set up a process to consult with its Members, in order to provide replies to official consultations. In the course of this process, NIA prepares a draft reply to the consultation that is shared to its Members for comments well ahead of the deadline of the consultation.

NIA actively supports its Members in submitting applications for regulatory authorization in various sectors; NIA has a track record in compiling the application dossier for a successful authorization of a food contact material substance in collaboration with legal representation.

At NIA, we proactively support the development of key-enabling machinery and metrology equipment and methodologies by creating an environment, in which these state-of-the-art innovations are regarded as solutions and opportunities.

In the area or recycling and waste from nanomaterials NIA is supporting its Members by participating and reporting back from relevant events and workshops (e.g. the OECD workshop on Safe Management of Nanowaste where aspects related to nanomaterial recycling and waste handling aspects are discussed.

NIA Members active in the textile industries are supported through several existing NIA Activities & Projects; in collaboration with its Members as well as external stakeholders, NIA frequently initiates new bespoke projects.

With its large network and track record in proactive, collaborative approaches with the regulators, the NIA works with the regulators to address the stakeholders' concerns in pushing for the reporting of nanomaterials, whilst avoiding undue burden on the industries.

Since the start of discussions regarding terminologies and definitions of nanoscience, nanotechnology, and nanomaterial, NIA has closely monitored the developments in public standardisation and policy-making committees, as well as in industrial groups, and alerted its Members on upcoming consultations and decisions.

NIA's expertise in nanotechnology education and training issues include:

NIA support its Members in the area of Global Nanomaterials Safety by actively participating in relevant discussions, events and projects.

The NIA is offering a dedicated service for supporting its Members’ management of nanomaterials under REACH.

NIA supports SMEs through regular updates on developments in policy, regulation, and standardisation, around the world.

NIA Members benefit from the involvement of the association in standardisation activities. NIA provides is members with briefings on the developments of standardisation and is the voice of the nanotechnology industries at the national (UK), regional and international levels of standardisation.