Event Dates: 
Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - 09:00 to 17:30
Event Venue: 
Solvay Research & Technology Centre, Rue de Ransbeek/Ransbeekstraat 310 1120 Brussels

Ever since the 2006 rejection of a proposed REACH Regulation amendment to subject 'nanoparticles' to authorisation irrespective of their properties, a number of activities have addressed the question of nanomaterials under REACH: ranging from official regulatory reviews conducted and/or commissioned by the European Commission, to NGO-initiated reports, to the recent increase in demands from the European Parliament and Member State to add nano-specific requirements to the text of REACH Regulation.

Questions now faced by the nanomaterials stakeholder community include:

  • What is the future role of the CASG-Nano (Competent Authorities on REACH and CLP sub-group on Nanomaterials)?
  • Should the REACH Scope Review, to be published in late 2012, include recommendations on nano-specific requirements in the REACH text?
  • What do companies working with nanomaterials need to do to comply with REACH now and in the future?

… find answers to these and many more questions at the NIA Symposium 'Within REACH!? A Review of Nanomaterial Developments under REACH & Preparation of the NIA's Participation in the CASG-Nano'.

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